"You crazy idiot...............My name's McGill."

Made in the same year as The Prisoner, 'Man in a suitcase' is yet another ITC series that has withstood the test of time. Possible the least well known classic of the the shows of the sixties, starring Richard Bradford as ex CIA agent McGill. (His first name is never revealed) Thrown out of the CIA for something he did not do, he now works in London as a private investigator who will take care of your problems as long as the price is right.

The show was a lot more straight forward then The Prisoner or The Avengers, relying simply on good stories and an action/ adventure format. Although some episodes were directed by John Glen, the show managed to stay well away from the James Bond elements which were sometimes seen in The Saint and Danger Man. Bradford himself gives an excellent and underrated performance as McGill and has gone on to various films including The Untouchables and was The Captain in the pilot of the doomed US series Earth 2. Ron Grainer composed the main theme which is so funky that it is currently being used for the British TV show TFI Friday, without being updated! (But what can you do?)


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